Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival

(Hirosaki City, Aomori)

The former castle site is home to around 2,600 ornamental cherry trees, which are famous throughout Japan. The best known variety is somei-yoshino. When the cherry trees are in full blossom the park is indescribably beautiful, especially at night when the castle site buildings and trees are illuminated.

Shower of blossom cherry blossom dancing in the wind. "Raft of flower" that flows petals of the cherry trees in it floating in the water was observed. Petals scattered in the moat, it's carpet of pink petals.

The construction of Hirosaki Castle was begun in 1603 by the first Tsugaru lord,Tamenobu, and was completed in 1611 by the second lord, Nobihira. The 49.2ha site, which is 10 times larger than Tokyo Dome, is surrounded by triple moats and earthworks and consists of 6 quarters. Reference:Hirosaki Tourism And Convention Bureau